Estate Planning. Estate Planning involves: (1) determining what property the client's current estate is complosed of; (2) what the estate tax will be, on not only those assets, but on any additional assets the client reasonably expects to accumulate in the near future; and, (3) to whom the client wants to give those assets at the time of the client's death.

Estate Planning Tools. Once those decisions are made, we can discuss the option of a Last Will and Testament, or a Revocable Trust. Both the Will and the Revocable Trust are changeable at any time during the client's life.

Initial Information. Before we can discuss your case, I need to have the following information to determine if I have a conflict of interest:

Follow-up Questionnaire. Upon receipt of the above information, my staff will determine if we have a conflict. If we do not, we will send you a follow-up questionnaire for you to complete requesting general family and asset information. If we do have a conflict, we will tell you.

Adobe Reader Software. Our forms are in pdf format which requires "Adobe Reader" software to read. Adobe Reader is available free and may be downloaded at Go to that web site, to the bottom of the first page and double click on the icon named "Get Adobe Reader". Once you have downloaded Adobe Reader, you will be able to read and complete all of our forms.  

Probate Procedure. In the event either a member of your family has died owning assets in their name, or you are named as personal representative in someone's Will, a probate will be necessary to transfer the assets from the decedent to the correct heirs. I have done many probates. Once we receive the initial information from you regarding your role and needs, we will either set an appointment to discuss what services you need, or we will be happy to send you an inventory form to complete prior to the initial interview.

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